Airless Humvee Tires

airless-tireResilient Technologies, the DoD and a School of Engineering from the University of Wisconsin are wanting to make a military grade airless tire. By using a honeycomb design they have managed to create a very strong tire that can survive a hit from a bullet.

The idea is fantastic and well worth it as military operations are far from a drive on a smooth road. Having wheels that you don’t really need to worry about is a huge benefit in safety. In a bullet riddled environment a regular tire would just be pierced and then go flat. With this tire using a honeycomb design, a lot of the tire can actually be damaged and yet, it will still perform. As well as being good with taking bullets, the wheel also is very good with both noise and heat.

Of course, a lot more testing will be done first but should it do what it says on the tin, I see this being a great benefit.

Here is a quick demonstration of Tweel which is a Michellin concept which is aimed more at the consumer rather then army vehicles. It still gives a good idea of what it is capable of though.

Via: GoPaulTech

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