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Spatial Computing from Oblong

minority_reportIf you remember the Tom Cruise film, Minority Report, you will remember the famous scenes where Tom was at a computer display moving various videos around by waving his hands in front of it. A company named Oblong took this idea and ran with it by creating a spatial operating system which looks fantastic. [Read more…]

ClarionMiND – Mobile Internet Navigation Device

clarionmind_midThe ClarionMiND has now been launched. This Mobile Internet Navigation Device (MiND) will go on sale this month. [Read more…]

Homemade Cardboard iPhone Dock

carboard-iphone-dockWith Apple giving away the iPhone 3G for free on certain contracts they had to cut back somewhere and the dock had to go. Geeky-Gadgets have decided that rather then buying an iPhone 3G dock, which costs $29, they would go ahead and make one. They also went a step further and made it a downloadable PDF where you can print your own. [Read more…]

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Flash Drive

han-solo-frozen-carbonite-usb-flash-driveThe Frozen Carbonite Scene from Starwars where Han Solo gets frozen for a time has now been recreated in to a USB flash drive. [Read more…]

Wii Remote Quad Charger

nyko-charge-station-quadFor those of you with a Nintendo Wii you may have been playing mid game and then suddenly see the batteries fail on your Wii-Mote. This charging station aims to tackle that by keeping up to four wii-motes fully charged at all times. [Read more…]

Boombench Street Furniture

boombench-by-nl-architectsThe Boombench was designed by Michael Schoner of NL Architects and is a regular bench with some fairly large speakers built in. Bluetooth is built inside allowing you to sit in the park, pair your mobile phone up and play what ever you want. [Read more…]

Milk Glass LED Lamp

milk-glass-led-lampThis LED lamp is made out of a regular type glass. When upright, the LED light is on and when put on it’s side or stored upside down the LED lamp switches off automatically. [Read more…]

Steampunk Ring

steampunk-ringCheck out this Steampunk Grunge Ring. It is built from an old tarnished watch that is mounted on to a solid brass filigree adjustable band. It measures 20mm across. [Read more…]

LG to Launch 125 New Phones next year?

lg-kc910LG have reportedly said that they will be launching 125 new mobile phones next year. To me, that is a crazy amount. However, it’s not as crazy as it might sound as LG work with various operators around the world to meet certain requirements. In the UK we can expect to see about 25 phones launched which will be about 1 new phone every two weeks. [Read more…]

Transfer Express USB Duplicator

transfer-express-usb-duplicatorTransfer Express is a USB flashdrive duplicator which can make copies of one flashdrive on to 15 flashdrives all at the same time. It works at USB 2.0 speeds which makes duplication quite a quick process. [Read more…]

USB Heated Shoes

usb-heating-shoesThe time of year is here where you need to wrap up warmer then usual. For those times when you just can’t get quite as warm as you’d like then check out these shoes. They are USB Heated Shoes that provide warmth to your feet. [Read more…]

Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Netbook – First Impressions

dell-mini-9-netbookWe managed to get our hands on a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Netbook with a data plan from Vodafone to take out for a spin. The package arrived this morning and I have to say my first impressions are that it is a top quality product. The Mini 9 has an 8.9 inch screen and weighs just 2.28lbs. [Read more…]