Ocarina Handlebar Instruments

ocarina-barsIn the 80’s when I had a BMX I used to stick a plastic bottle or some kind of stick on to the rear forks so that when the bike was moving it made a loud clattering noise. This concept idea uses that same principle of getting your bike to make noise, but instead uses wind through a tube to create a sound similar to that of a flute or Ocarina.

ocarina-barsWhen the bike moves forwards the scoops capture the wind which then moves around the innards and then comes out of the back making the tune. The pitch can be changed by switches that will be put on the handlebars. If it’s too quiet then you will need to pedal faster as the only way to get more volume is to get more air inside the tubes.

It’s a rather bizarre idea and one I probably can’t see coming out of concept at the moment. They are actually made of ceramic so all it takes is for the bike rider to not pay attention while fiddling with the switches to change the pitch and bam, hit a wall and these things will just shatter.

Via: Wired

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