Charger Energy Rating

charger-energy-ratingA new star rating system is being introduced for mobile phones which will show you how good the mobile phone charger is for the environment. The system has been developed and is supported by LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung Electronics and Sony Ericsson. The system gives a better star rating depending on how much energy it saves when the charger is left plugged in.

The rating system starts as low as zero stars which is the worst going up to five stars for the chargers that waste less energy. If your charge burns more then 0.5W with no load then it gets no stars. At the top end of the scale a five star charger will burn less then 0.03W.

The system is designed to help you do your bit for the environment. It was introduced because many people leave their chargers plugged in with no-load attached which basically wastes energy. By displaying the ratings on the chargers it will help you pick one that is better rated although the best way to be more efficient is by just switching it off once the phone is charged.

Via: Nokia

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