Universal Photo Timer

photo-timerIf you want to capture amazing photographs with split second precision on the timing then you need to pick up a Universal Photo Timer. This little device allows you to trigger your camera on various events such as noises, light beams and other various sources.

umbrella_dropThe Universal Photo Timer has a sound module built in which allows you to trigger a camera and up to two external flashes (via Infra-red or Cable) when a loud noise happens like a gun shot. Should you want to capture a drop of water then you could opt for the light beam sensor which can detect when a drop passes the beam, introduce a fraction of a second delay and then capture the splash.

The Universal Photo Timer costs $170 and the optical sensor costs $25. It’s not a bad price at all should you want to capture some amazing looking pictures. Check out the rest below.



Product Page Via: OhGizmo

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