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Double-Layered LCD Screen

transparent-displayThe idea behind this concept display is to give the viewer depth to the movie they are watching. The screen achieves this goal by being a double layered LCD screen. By making a slight adjustment to the image displayed behind, the user will get a sense of depth to the images. [Read more…]

LawnPC – Green Computing

lawnpcThe LawnPC is the latest attempt to bring people’s attention to greener power. A designer named David Veldkamp has designed the LawnPC to have more of a green theme. [Read more…]

Google Earth on iPhone

iphone-google-earthGoogle have released Google Earth for the iPhone / iPod Touch. It looks fantastic and makes use of the multitouch and accelerometer features of the iPhone. [Read more…]

Solar Power Breakthrough

solar-cell-panelWith the rising energy costs around the world it’s time to look at different sources of power. I do not believe there is some magic fuel that will fix anything and it’s time to use natural energy like that from the sun and wind. Solar panels tend to be on the pricey side of several thousand pound which doesn’t seem that attractive to me. However, some research at a university in the US has managed to tackle two major hurdles that could see the price per kilowatt dramatically drop. [Read more…]

HDMI Matrix Router

hdmi-matrix-switch-4x2This HDMI router allows you to display any of four input HD sources on to two HD displays. Not only can you switch between HD sources and send to either of the screens, you can also do a picture in picture setup with two signals on to one screen. [Read more…]

Solar Powered LED Reading Light

solar-led-lightIf you need a small reading light then Gizfever have a solar powered one available on their site. It has 3 LED’s built in with 1 shining red, green or blue and two other LED’s that are bright white. [Read more…]

TrueCall Automated Secretary

truecallTrueCall is a device which sits between your phone line and phone. It acts as a virtual secretary to protect you from calls that you do not wish to receive. It works by you telling it what numbers are good and when it answers the phone it immediately allows those calls through. However, if you are unknown to the system then the robot will take over the call. [Read more…]

The Bloodhound Project – 1000MPH

bloodhound-carThe Bloodhound project is a three year mission lead by Richard Noble that will see a landspeed record of over 1000MPH set. The car, named the Bloodhound SSC (super sonic car) should be capable of Mach 1.4. [Read more…]

Deluxe Marshmallow Gun

marshmallow-shooter-deluxeThis marshmallow gun is capable of shooting a mini marshmallow up to 40 ft. It works by putting the marshmallow in the mouth piece and blowing. As it fires the soft spongy things, it makes it safe for both outdoors and indoors. [Read more…]

Endo Magnet Clip

endo-magnet-clipThe Endo Magnet Clip is designed to help keep things in place. As the name suggests, it is magnetic and can pin things to a wall by it’s springy clipping action. [Read more…]

Apples NetBook in the Works?

applenetbooksAccording to Steve Jobs, “Apple is going to ‘wait and see’ how the category evolves and ‘we’ve got some pretty interesting ideas if it does evolve.”. This answer was given on the quarterly earnings call when Steve Jobs made his special guest appearance. [Read more…]

FitPC is Ultra Small

fitpcThe FitPC made it’s way in to the hands of the folks over at Extreme Tech. The FitPC measures just 4.3 x 3.9 x 1.2 inches which is about 40% smaller then what it was in the previous form. Yet, it squeezes in double the memory making it good for 512MB. [Read more…]