Google Earth on iPhone

iphone-google-earthGoogle have released Google Earth for the iPhone / iPod Touch. It looks fantastic and makes use of the multitouch and accelerometer features of the iPhone.

When viewing the application you just tilt your phone and the view is adjusted accordingly. Also you can “pinch” the screen to zoom in to a location. Also the google Earth software uses the my location feature so that when you load up the application it jumps right to where you are on the map. These location based services can also be used for finding local businesses. Some extra layers of information have been included in Google Earth in the form of Panoramio and Wikipedia which provide some high quality photos and information about areas you are viewing on the application.

As it’s google, the application is free and available today from the app store. It currently supports 18 languages with that expanding to 22 in the not to distant future.

Via: TechCrunch

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