LawnPC – Green Computing

lawnpcThe LawnPC is the latest attempt to bring people’s attention to greener power. A designer named David Veldkamp has designed the LawnPC to have more of a green theme.

lawnpcThe green grass you see situated on top of the PC provides power for the PC to run. By embedding solar cells on to the grass (made of cotton fabric) the PC can get 60 watts per hour which is sufficient to run the PC. Of course, these numbers are concept too as each blade of grass has inkjet printed solar cells attached. At the bottom of each blade there is a plugin where the power is sent to the main PC.

Another problem this grass covered LawnPC sorts out is that of messy cables. With it requiring no power and being completely wireless it allows you to place it where ever you want to operate it. Of course you are probably wondering how the monitor receives it image… well, wirelessly 🙂

To make things even more greener the CPU will be made from plastics which are infused with Bio Batch additives. I can honestly say I have no idea what that means, but according to the designer it means that the whole unit can decompose once you want to chuck it away.

The idea is nice and it would make your home look a tad different from the regular laptop or grey box type PC you might have. On the practical side I think it’s not quite ready yet to be launched.

Via: Ecofriend


  1. chandra prakash says

    I had presented green computing in my college seminar and is now feeling very good with the concept of lawn-pcso as the reduce the isssue of global warming(a major problem now-a-days). And now I want to work more on it and provide everyone with its vast application.So make me fully aware of it.

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