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Another new Eee PC to be Launched

eee-pc-701sdxAsus have been busy launching new versions of their Eee PC. In the last month I think we have mentioned three new models. Now, it’s time to mention a possible forth Eee PC that could be hitting the shelves soon. Instead of cramming everything in to the Eee, Asus have this time moved to the other side of the scale and focused on a super-budget version. [Read more…]

Sony PSP 5.0 Firmware Released

psp_5_00Sony have launched their latest firmware for the PSP. Version 5.0 is the latest update which allows for Wi-Fi access to the PlayStation Store as well as a full sized QWERTY keyboard. [Read more…]

Alaris30 3D Desktop Printer

alaris30A new 3D printer has been created by a company named Objet Geometries. The printer is named the Alaris30 and is capable of printing out detailed 3D models. [Read more…]

Asus R710 GPS with HUD Technology

asus-r710There are many distractions such as mobile phones and GPS units which increase the risk of causing accidents while driving. Sat navs tend to help in some ways as it gives you specific directions rather then having to try look at a map when you get lost. But, it’s still another distraction on the windscreen of your car. Asus have created the R710 GPS unit which has a feature to help keep your eyes on the road. [Read more…]

Wireless Powered Blender

ecoupled_blenderCables and wires are the most annoying things in the world. Well, they are for me. Every time I need to move something around at home it’s a matter of shifting and untangling the wires. The wireless powered blender attempts to change this problem by working with out a power cord. Lets hope every single electrical manufacturer adopt this technology! [Read more…]

CarCade machine for your Car

carcadeCarCade is a prototype gaming system that uses a natural landscape as the gaming area. By using a webcam with tracking software the system can track images of the landscape you drive past in a car and use it to create a game from. [Read more…]

Touch Screen Eee PCs Coming Soon

eee-pcWe have mentioned Asus a few times over the last month or so. The first mention was a 3.75G mobile broadband connection built in to their new range of laptops. The next was a hard drive upgrade. What we are looking at now is a touch screen version that is said to be coming out next year sometime. [Read more…]

Bullet Proof Polo Shirt

caballero_polo_shirtIf you worry about being shot while out and about and have a spare $12000 then you could buy yourself one of these Bullet Proof Polo Shirts. [Read more…]

Photoshop Photo Frame

photoshop-photo-frameThis photo frame takes a modern familiar look but makes it old fashioned. The Photoshop Photo Frame is made of high quality wood, painted white and has a hand sink screened image of a Photoshop window on the front. Any regular photo can be put in to this frame. [Read more…]

Pets Eye View Digital Camera

pet-eye-view-cameraThe Pets Eye View Digital Camera is a unique and weird type of idea. The camera attaches to your dogs collar and snaps pictures of it’s surroundings at certain intervals. [Read more…]

USB Motion Controlled Games

aptus_motion_control_gamesAptus have created a bunch of crazy little games that use Mini-Motion controllers. Three games are planned which are Cars of Fury, Hoverboard and Home Run King. [Read more…]

Ten Million Dollar Train Set

miniatur-wunderland-10-mil-train-setThis train set pictured is worth about $10M USD and measures 9600 square foot. So… it’s fairly large. The set includes various parts of the world such as Hamburg, the US (with Area 51), Austria and Scandinavia. Each part is built with precision making it look as realistic as possible. [Read more…]