Archives for October 2008

LED Light Bulb Network – The new Wi-Fi

led-light-bulb-networkWireless networks have become very popular around homes and some offices. These networks make moving computers around far easier as no cables need to be moved or installed. Boston University researchers have now come up with a new way of transferring data around and it takes the form of a standard LED light bulb. [Read more…]

Tower Defense for iPhone

iphone-tower-defenseDesktop Tower Defense is one of those very addictive flash games that eat in to hours of your work time. This addictive play has now arrived on the iPhone and it looks fantastic although it’s not exactly tower defense, but a similar type of game which looks to be just as addictive. [Read more…]

Fring for iPhone

fring-addinsFring is a fairly popular application that runs on various mobile phone operating systems. What it does is allow you to bring together various applications such as Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk and put them all in to one program. Fring has now launched for the iPhone 3G. [Read more…]

Sega Vision – Portable Games System

sega_visionSega are planning to launch a new handheld console in to the market. The console should be launched next year. It is named the Sega Vision and is more then just a games console as plans, if followed through, will see this device playing music, movies and allow users to watch the TV. [Read more…]

Nokia Touch-Based Communicator

nokia-touch-based-communicatorThe Nokia Communicator has always been a bit of a brick. The idea was great, but I felt it never looked quite the part. Recently, images of a new touched-based communicator have been floating around which appears it might actually be worth looking at. [Read more…]

Nintendo Wii Maracas

wii-maracasThe Samba De Amigo game for the Wii is another classic which requires some custom casings for the Wii controller. With the game being a Samba type game then a pair of Maracas will do the job nicely. [Read more…]

Lego Engine Looks Amazing

lego-engineThis engine is absolutely amazing because it is built out of Lego. The engine took four months to build and actually does work. [Read more…]

Asus Eee PC jumps to 160GB

eee-pc-160gbAsus recently announced their 3.75G laptop which has built in 3G capabilities making it possible to go online pretty much anywhere. They have now announced another upgrade to their 900 series Eee which puts a massive 160Gb hard drive inside it. [Read more…]

Anna Konda Robot Fire Fighting Snake

firefighting-snakeThe snake you see here is named Anna Konda. It is a robotic snake that has the job of putting out fires. It measures 3 meters long and weighs a fairly hefty 75 kilos. [Read more…]