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Bentley Laptop – Costs a Bomb

bentley-ego_msp1This Laptop is branded by Bentley and costs a tad more then your average laptop. At $19,800 you need to have a bit of cash in your bank to buy it. But what you do get is a laptop that fits very nicely with your expensive car. [Read more…]

Computer Board Earrings

computer-board-earringsThese earrings are made from what appear to be 1 meg SIMM’s (single in-line memory module) for a PC. They each measure over 3 inches long which means they would hit your shoulders. [Read more…]

Homemade Starship Enterprise

star-trek-star-ship-enterprise-modelOffice life can be a bit dull sometimes and I guess this is what inspired this little custom made project to be built. It’s a Starship Enterprise built out of pens, bulldog clips and a CD… cool. [Read more…]

Asus P552w Glide Phone

asusp552w_androidAsus have revealed their first smartphone that will run the Glide OS. It is named the P552w if you want the technical name 🙂 The phone is packed with a number of nice features such as a 2.8 inch screen, GPS and is capable of high speed downloads through 3.5G networks. [Read more…]

Lego Radar Rings

lego-radar-ringsThese rings are made from authentic Lego bricks with a radar computer painted on them. I think it’s the Lego Space series if I remember correctly. [Read more…]

Griffin Aircurve

griffin-aircurveThe Griffin Aircurve is an iPhone/iPod dock which has a simple and unique amplification system built in. GearDiary have been testing it out this past week to see how good it is and if it’s worth buying. The Griffin Aircurve does three things. First, it acts as a stand for your phone. Second it amplifies sound from your iPhone and third, it provides power to your device so it gets charged while docked. [Read more…]

Seagate Showcase DVR Storage Expander

seagateIf you are using a set top box to record from the TV like Sky+ or V+ in the UK then you probably see a message on your screen every couple of weeks telling you the 80 or so hours of storage space is almost full. To combat this problem Seagate have introduced their latest Showcase DVR Storage Expander. It now comes in capacities of 500GB and 1 Terabyte which allows for a lot more then the standard 80 hours of recording we are used to seeing. [Read more…]

Gender Changer Keychain

gender-changer-keyringThis keychain is made from a male to female gender changer (the type you put in your parallel port on your PC). It’s primary use (what it was designed for) is to lengthen a couple of cables if you do not have a long enough single cable. As these kind of connections are not too common around an office, someone over at Etsy has decided to make a keychain out of it. [Read more…]

USB 3 in 1 MultiFunctional Speaker

usb-speakerIf you are after a cheap USB speaker then head on over to GizFever. This speaker is a USB 3 in 1 MultiFunctional Speaker which acts as a loudspeaker, four port USB hub and an Alarm Clock. [Read more…]

Canon Error 99 Firmware Update

canon-err99If you are the lucky owner of a Canon EOS 50D, but pestered from time to time by the Canon Error 99 message that pops up then Canon’s latest firmware update is for you. [Read more…]

NEC E-Paper with Multi Tiling

nec-epaperNEC have created a couple of E-Paper screen modules which are in either A3 or A4 sizes. The system uses microcapsule electrophoresis excite the white pigment particles that activate when positive electrodes are used. When negative electrodes are used the pigment particles will turn black. [Read more…]

Cooker Hood LCD Screen

cooker-hood-lcdThis LCD TV is not available on it’s own. Instead, you actually buy the whole cooker hood (with built in LCD) to provide something to watch as you are making your next stir-fry in the kitchen. [Read more…]