Archives for October 2008

Rockstar Baby Kit – Gaming Clothes

baby-gamer-gearMany parents these days are gamers and some of them want their children to grow up just link them. Why not start them off loving games early by buying them this set of baby gaming clothes. [Read more…]

Electric Guitar Volume Ring

turn-up-volume-ringThis ring is built of a bell knob from an electric guitar that is attached to a sterling sliver ring. The main thought behind this amazing ring is to “turn down the suck if you hate something, or crank it up if it is amazing”. The volume knob actually turns (although don’t be disappointed that it actually doesn’t change the volume). [Read more…]

iPhone 3G Soon to be Unlocked

3g_iphone_unlockIt seems like the iPhone 3G is a step closer to being unlocked. According to iPhone-Sync the screen shot shows that the software has been modified, and fails an integrity check. [Read more…]

Asus Touch-screen Laptop

asus-touchscreen-laptopThis new Asus laptop is rumoured to be completely touch-screen, meaning the actual screen as well as where they keyboard would normally be found. The bottom touch-screen completely replaces the physical QWERTY keyboard that we are familiar with. [Read more…]

Mio Knight Rider GPS

mio-knight-rider-gpsThe Knight Rider GPS is a “gimmicky” satnav unit that uses the voice of William Daniels (original KITT voice) to provide directions to the driver. [Read more…]

Concept Phone – E-Ink

e-ink-phoneThis strangely cool looking phone is a device that uses E-Ink and no buttons to make a Nokia Aeon look-alike phone. Of course it wont be a surprise that this phone is just a concept. [Read more…]

Sony PSP2 Concept Design

psp2-conceptThe Sony PSP2 hasn’t been spoken of too much around here, but no doubt Sony will introduce it one day in the future. A designer named Tai Cheim has created some concept designs that look very good. The idea behind them is to use a flexible screen that changes to being rigid when rolled out so that you get a nice large flat screen that can be stored in little space. [Read more…]

Solar Cable Car – DIY

solar-cable-carIf you are a fan of building paper model kits yourself then pick up one of these Solar Cable car’s. This kit allows you to build your own solar powered cable car. [Read more…]

The Energy Detective – TED

the-energy-detectiveWith energy prices going up all the time and there being more threats of them going up even more next year, a lot of us have come to the realisation that we need to be more concious of the energy we are consuming. TED (The Energy Detective) is a device which helps you to monitor how much electricity you are using through out the day and where you can cut costs. TED claims to cut your electricity costs between 10% and 20% which I can see as very achievable considering what we leave switched on at home. [Read more…]

LG Rhythm Launched

alltel-lg-rhythmAlltel Wireless have announced a new music phone named the LG Rhythm. The phone is a slider phone which has a scroll wheel on the front allowing for easier control of music. The wheel is touch sensitive also. [Read more…]

iPhone Trapster Prevents Speeding Tickets

iphone-trapsterA new application for the iPhone has been released. The app is named Trapster and it attempts to prevent you from getting speeding tickets while out and about. [Read more…]

Barack Advertising in an XBox Game

obama-xboxIt seems like Barack Obama and his campaign have now reached out to gamers in advertising to try and gain their vote. An ad for the Obama campaign has been spotted on a billboard in the XBox 360 game named Burnout Paradise. [Read more…]