The Bloodhound Project – 1000MPH

bloodhound-carThe Bloodhound project is a three year mission lead by Richard Noble that will see a landspeed record of over 1000MPH set. The car, named the Bloodhound SSC (super sonic car) should be capable of Mach 1.4.

In this “sport”? there are not many restrictions placed which allows for cars to be developed how they wish. The knowledge used and shared wont be of much benefit to other sports such as F1 which is why they can be so open about it.

The Bloodhound SSC will be 12.8m long and weigh almost 6.5 tonnes fully fuelled. Travelling at top speed it will outrun a bullet from a Magnum handgun. The wheels that measure 900mm in diameter will rotate at over 10000 RPM which generates 50000 radial G at the rim. The real interesting part is the acceleration which will see it travel from 0 to 1050 MPH in just 40 seconds.

The air pressure bearing down on the body work will measure 12 tonnes per square meter. The body is made of carbon fibre and titanium to help cope with these demands. At top speed the driver will cover a distance of over four football pitches every single second.

These numbers are just insane and I am glad it’s not me having to drive this thing. No doubt they have a lot of safety restrictions in place should something not go quite right… but at 1050 MPH those would have to act quick.

If you are wondering what the point of this car is then according to the team a bunch of scientific experiments can be done which will benefit cars of the future as well as fuel efficiency and other various things.

Check out the video over on the BBC to see an animation of how quick it could look.

Via: BloodhoundSSC

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