Archives for July 2008

GPS Locator from Keruve

keruve-gpsAs time moves on we tend to become more reliant on technology. Some of the technology helps us be more productive while other technology keeps us safe. The GPS Locator falls in to a safety category. [Read more…]

On-Demand Ping Pong

any-table-ping-pong-tableIf you are the sporty type who often get in to a quibble with a good friend then why not settle it by having an impromptu ping pong match. [Read more…]

SanDisk Write Once Read Many (WORM) Memory Card

sandiskSanDisk have created a new type of memory card named the WORM. The Write Once Read Many card is capable of storing information just once and keeping it there permanently. Although that sounds like a huge step backwards in technology, it is done for a reason. [Read more…]

Mobile Finger Print Scanners

mobile-finger-print-scanningLast week the police dept in Claremont received a mobile fingerprint scanning device which attaches to a mobile phone. When attached a database can be queried to find matches with in the fingerprint database. [Read more…]

880 Inch HDTV – A Tad large for the Living Room

880-inch-hdtvEach year at CES there tends to be a competition to see who can bring to the show the largest and greatest LCD/Plasma screen. TV’s over 100″ in size frequent the show floor these days. However, those TV’s are puny compared to what Toshiba just launched in Times Square. [Read more…]

NES – Built in to a Controller

mnesA modder over on the forums has created a nice NES controller which has 70 built in games and can be further expanded because it has a standard NES cartridge connector on the back of it. [Read more…]

Designed for Dell – New line of PC Accessories

designed-for-dellDell have introduced new PC accessories named “Designed for Dell”. New products include a custom messenger and tote bag, audio devices, mice and hard drives. Each of these products has a range of colours that can be chosen. These new colour schemes go in line with the new Dell Studio Laptops that we wrote about recently. [Read more…]

Wii MotionPlus

wii-motion-plusA new add-on for the Nintendo Wii has been created. It is named the MotionPlus and what it does is ads even more accuracy to the accelerometers which control where the WiiMote moves. The new accuracy brings a 1:1 response making games highly accurate. If you move the remote 1 inch then the cursor will also move 1 inch on the screen. [Read more…]

iPhone Battery Beats the Rest

iphone-battery-chartThe iPhone launched last week and a number of people were concerned about battery life of the phone. Having spoken to an actual user, who says it’s just fine, I have just come across this chart which was created by PCWorld. The battery life was found to last 5 hours 38 minutes for voice which isn’t bad at all to be honest. [Read more…]

Wireless Arc Mouse from Microsoft

microsoft_edgemouseMicrosoft have created a great little mouse that folds up for easy storage while travelling around and then opens up to a larger more familiar size when needed. [Read more…]

iPhone Unboxing

iphone-3g-unboxingIf the iPhone butchering was a bit too much for your stomach, then Slashgear has a more tame unboxing video which shows the iPhone 3G being removed from the box, switched on and compared to it’s older brother (the first iPhone). [Read more…]

iPhone 3G – A Look Inside

iphone-3gOver in Auckland the ifixit team were getting their hands on the new iPhone 3G. They would be one of the first in the world due to the timezone of Auckland, to get their hands on this phone. Right after the launch they decided it was time to pull the thing apart. [Read more…]