Mobile Finger Print Scanners

mobile-finger-print-scanningLast week the police dept in Claremont received a mobile fingerprint scanning device which attaches to a mobile phone. When attached a database can be queried to find matches with in the fingerprint database. The new scanning device and smartphone combination will help make their job a lot quicker as they can scan and find matches right away when needed.


Claremont Police Corporal Chris Bradley then put the department’s new gadget to use for the first time. The man’s index fingers were scanned right at the scene and 5 minutes later, the police had the information they needed.

‘We were able to pull up all his real information; his name, date of birth and all that, Corp. Bradley said. ‘And then we saw that he had a no-bail parole hold.

Albert Dominguez, 26, of Chino, was a parole violator out on murder charges. He is now in custody in Los Angeles.

‘The nice thing about this is, we were able to identify him right there out in the field, Corp. Bradley said.

Claremont only have one of the $1000 devices at the moment which is being shared among officers. As it has already proven a great success and good help to the police, I doubt it will be long before a scanner and smartphone is installed in every police car.

Via: claremont-courier

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