On-Demand Ping Pong

any-table-ping-pong-tableIf you are the sporty type who often get in to a quibble with a good friend then why not settle it by having an impromptu ping pong match. You might wonder how. Well the Any Table Ping Pong Table is perfect for this. You just find the closest table of surface, throw the cloth over it and your good to go.

The idea is just concept at the moment, but I am sure it could catch on 😉

Any Table, Ping-Pong Table. What if any table in your house could be changed into a ping-pong table? Never mind its shape or size, it is just perfect. We made the ping-pong tablecloth and two adjustable clips to hold the net in the middle. Designed by Tithi Kutchamuch and Luka Stepan.

Via: LikeCool


  1. cripplehank says

    i dont think the ball would bounce very well on cloth

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