iPhone Battery Beats the Rest

iphone-battery-chartThe iPhone launched last week and a number of people were concerned about battery life of the phone. Having spoken to an actual user, who says it’s just fine, I have just come across this chart which was created by PCWorld. The battery life was found to last 5 hours 38 minutes for voice which isn’t bad at all to be honest.

A comparison of various devices that are 3G shows it is actually the winner of the pack. The closest smartphone to follow is the Samsung Instinct.

Of other handsets that support AT&T’s HSDPA/UMTS network, only the HTC Touch Dual came close, with an average talk time of 5 hours, 18 minutes. The AT&T Tilt pooped out at 4 hours, 47 minutes, trailed by the Pantech Duo at 4:46; the Motorola Q9 Global at 4:43; and the Palm Treo 750 at an abysmal 3:53. The iPhone 3G also beat out competitors on Sprint and Verizon’s EVDO mobile broadband networks, including the Palm Centro (4:19) and the Samsung Instinct (5:33).

Of course, a lot of this depends on how the phone companies have their network set up. AT&T for example use a power-hungry network as it puts voice and data on the same as data tasks.

One big downside of using an iPhone that dies mid day is that you cannot take the battery out (unless you bust it open). With other phone options you at least have the possibility of carrying a spare around with you.

Via: PCWorld

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