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Wireless Dental Camera

wireless_dental_cameraIf you ever fancied a look around your teeth then you need to pick up one of these inter-oral wireless cameras which allow you to see what your teeth actually look like. The camera has a 1.3 megapixel sensor which can capture video and still images. [Read more…]

Verbarius Clock – A Simple Clock

verbarius_clockThe Verbarius clock makes telling time simple. It’s the exact opposite of Tokyo Flash watches which require a degree in maths to tell the time. The Verbarius simply tells you what time it is like “midnight” or “four-forty-five”. [Read more…]

Move over Scooba – RC Floor Cleaner

rcmopCleaning floors has never been something that I actually enjoy, hence the reason I went and got my self an iRobot Roomba so I could vac the floor with just the push of a button. I could continue my lazyness by getting an iRobot Scooba to wash the kitchen floor, but this RC floor cleaner looks more interesting to me. [Read more…]

Custom Cloned Eyeball Lamps

custom-cloned-eyeball-lampsThese basket ball sized eyeballs are amazing! They are custom built from scans of your own eyes so that the pattern and colours match exactly your own eye. They are certain to attract conversation when you invite guests around. [Read more…]

TX54 – Fingernail Display

finger-nail-displaysA number of fancy watches have been displayed on the pages of Gadget Venue. Usually they are binary type watches from Tokyo Flash, or ultra expensive watches. This latest watch is a concept idea that embeds on your fingernail. [Read more…]

Limbo String

limbo_stringThe Limbo String is a new gadget which allows you to set up a limbo bar where ever you are. The great thing about it is that you do not need any chairs, a stick and music as everything is built in to one little handy device. [Read more…]

CherryPal Cloud Computer

cherrypalThe CherryPal is a new Cloud Computer which the creator, Max Seybold, is hoping to see a similar success to the Eee PC from Asus. The CherryPal consumes just 2 watts of power (making it a green solution) and due to how cloud computing works, it would require no security updates as all files and software are stored on a server usually in a datacentre. [Read more…]

Camera Phone / Chopping Board

camera-phoneI came across a couple of funny blog entries today around the internet. Rather then posting as two separate posts I figured I would just bundle both funnies in to 1 post. [Read more…]

Full Motion Formula Simulator

f1-simulator-datenblatt1I came across a cool simulator today which gives a far better formula 1 experience. Just looking at it working kind of shows it’s far from being just a simulator. The Full Motion Formula Simulator has a good number of features to make the whole gaming experience that little bit better. For starters the whole full scale formula 1 car is mounted on a hydraulic unit which provides three dimensional movements. [Read more…]

USB Wifi Adapter – Security Made Easy

asususb-n11wirelessWireless networks open up a whole bunch of security issues for individuals and businesses. If security is not addressed then someday, you could have data stolen right from your computer with out realising it. This pre configured USB Wireless adapter attempts to tackle this problem by making things secure straight out of the box. [Read more…]

PolyFuel – Fuel Cell Power for Laptops

polyfuelFuel Cell technology is fascinating as it has potential to provide around 10 times more power than a Lithium Ion battery. Not only can it power it for a fair few hours, the fuel can also be topped up and power to the laptop be supplied on demand. This prevents the need of several hours of charging before a long journey. [Read more…]

Samsung TL9 with Analog Gauges

samsung-tl9The TL9 is a camera built by Samsung which also is capable of MP3 playback and PMP functionality. The most unique feature of this camera has to be the dual analog gauges which represent battery life and memory usage. [Read more…]