iPhone Unboxing

iphone-3g-unboxingIf the iPhone butchering was a bit too much for your stomach, then Slashgear has a more tame unboxing video which shows the iPhone 3G being removed from the box, switched on and compared to it’s older brother (the first iPhone).

First thing I noticed is that in the hand, despite the swollen dimensions, the second-gen iPhone feels just as, if not more, svelte than its predecessor. The touchscreen display is unchanged and just as responsive, while the buttons have sharper edges and feel Ëśclickier’ and more precise. Click through for more images and unboxing ceremony video.

I am actually beginning to like the idea of owning my own iPhone. Now that the prices have dropped a lot from the original launch last year, the whole thing is just tempting to me. Too bad I am locked in to my current T-Mobile contract on my MDA Vario III for another 9 months or so. Maybe I will go for the newer iPhone next year if another is to be launched next year.

Slash Gear will be doing a full write up today on the new iPhone, so be sure to check them out.


  1. Fatgadget says

    It looks pretty good from the photos and video, I did try and get a 16GB this morning, but they were sold out in a matter of minutes.

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