GPS Locator from Keruve

keruve-gpsAs time moves on we tend to become more reliant on technology. Some of the technology helps us be more productive while other technology keeps us safe. The GPS Locator falls in to a safety category. What the Keruve GPS Locator does is allow you to fit your child with a wrist band which has a GPS tracker built in. The parent of the child then carries around a small TomTom sized GPS receiver which is capable of showing the location, to with in a few feet, of the child. Should your child go missing you just switch on the locator and go direct to them.

The locator band is water resistant and requires a special tool to be removed from the wrist. This helps keep even more security as the child would be stuck with the band on their wrist till you take it off for them.

Information is a bit scarce at the moment. But from what I can work out it seems to use GSM and triangulation should the GPS system fail for some reason or another. If marketed right, I think this product has GREAT potential.

Product Page Via: TechFresh

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