880 Inch HDTV – A Tad large for the Living Room

880-inch-hdtvEach year at CES there tends to be a competition to see who can bring to the show the largest and greatest LCD/Plasma screen. TV’s over 100″ in size frequent the show floor these days. However, those TV’s are puny compared to what Toshiba just launched in Times Square. Toshiba are responsible for creating a MASSIVE 880 inch TV that measures 51.2 x 52.5 foot and is LED based. The screen has 1280 x 1248 LED’s which output a HD image using TECHNOVIRTUAL technology. This technology uses adjacent pixels to create virtual pixels that have a 12.5mm pitch. With the TV being 285 feet above ground, the quality is great as it’s far away from the eye. The TV is hung on the side of a building in Times Square which means it also has to be able to stand up to the hot, cold and wet weathers with the occasional storm thrown in there. Just for your information, it supports over one billion colours which is quite impressive too.

You have to admit that this is one seriously cool screen and a tad larger then a portable digital tv.

Via: GizmoWatch

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