SanDisk Write Once Read Many (WORM) Memory Card

sandiskSanDisk have created a new type of memory card named the WORM. The Write Once Read Many card is capable of storing information just once and keeping it there permanently. Although that sounds like a huge step backwards in technology, it is done for a reason. SanDisk have created the WORM which is intended for professionals such as the Police who might need to keep permanent records of events for court cases etc… This would lower the potential of loosing data from the card and lower the risk of data being tampered with to make sure the information viewed in court is correct.

As old media formats become obsolete such as VCR tapes and other analogue devices there is a greater need for digital. However, due to the regular memory cards being simple to make writeable by the slide of a switch, they actually do not meet legal requirements that prevent data tampering. The WORM does not have this problem.

As soon as data is written to the SanDisk SD Worm, it is stored permanently and locked in place. To view the files you just need a regular SD reader found on some laptops. When kept in the appropriate storage conditions (the right humidity and temperature) the data is safe for 100 years/

Common WORM Uses

* Police photography and witness/suspect interviews, where courts require proof that photos and audio recordings are genuine.
* Court proceedings, such as trials and depositions.
* Electronic voting, where recorded votes must be tamper-proof.
* Cash registers which record transactions for tax collection purposes.
* Event recorders, such as security cameras and ‘black box¬Ě flight-data recorders.
* Medical devices which retain individual patient treatment data.
* Personal digital assistants (PDAs) and similar devices used by physicians and other health-care professionals to track patient interactions.

The cards are available now in 128MB capacities which is relatively small. If you have a need for a card like this then the good news is that higher capacities are on the way.

Via: PCNews

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