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Macbook Air dropping $500

macbook_airThe super slim laptop named the Macbook Air is about to have it’s cost super slimmed down too… by a whole $500 USD. That’s not a bad saving on the fairly expensive Air. [Read more…]


tardis-shedOver on Techdigest I came across an interesting post about sheds. Now sheds are not the most gadgety of items that people own… most just store lawn mowers and tools in them. Over on a site named Readers Sheds they like to push the boundaries that little bit further. One of the best sheds I came across was the TARDIS shed (from Dr. Who) which there happens to be a plethora of them dotted around the UK. [Read more…]

NZXT Sentry LX Fan Controller

When overclocking a PC, heat is the biggest problem you will face. Your task is to get rid of the heat as quick as possible which then allows your PC to run at a higher speed and not crash (or blow up). To help with keeping things cool inside, NZXT have created the Sentry LX fan controller. [Read more…]

If you Cannot afford an iPhone – Knit it!

handknit_iphoneIf the price drop on the new iPhone 3G is still not good enough for you and you find your self falling short of the very cheap price of it then an alternative (to make you still feel cool) is to have your mother knit you an iPhone. [Read more…]

Dell BMW-Sauber F1 Event

dell_helicopterA couple of weeks ago I received an email from Lex at GCIUK inviting me down to the Silverstone racetrack to meet up with Dell and the BMW-Sauber F1 team. The products being launched turned out to be the Dell Studio Laptop range of computers. [Read more…]

iPhone 3G App Store

iphone-3d-appstoreThe iPhone 3G will be with us all on 11th July 2008. The App Store is what allows you to browse and buy software to run on your iPhone. By making use of the cool features such as 3D graphics running in real time to the accelerometers and on to GPS and multi-touch screen technology, you will be immersed in to the App Store. [Read more…]

Top Gun Anthem for Guitar Hero III

You all remember back in the 80’s when the classic Tom Gun film came out with it’s screeching guitar theme. Now you can put your self right in the action as according to, the Top Gun anthem will now be appearing ready for download (free of charge) for Guitar Hero III. [Read more…]

Is Sony releasing a Touch Screen PSP?

touchscreen-pspA patent was recently given to Sony which states “hand-held [sic] device with touchscreen and digital tactile pixels”. The patent isn’t too clear on what this type of screen will be used for, but guesses would lead you to believe either a new Sony PSP 2.0 or a PSP phone maybe. A good number of potential uses are listed in the patent which include gaming devices, phones, portable media players, web browsing device and navigation. [Read more…]