USB Flashdrive gets built in OLED Display

ennova-usb-flashdrive-oledA new flashdrive has just been introduced that features an OLED display built in. [Read more…]

Startrek Webcam

If you want to add a bit of Trekkyness to your computer desk then you should probably look at getting this USB Startrek Webcam. [Read more…]

Canon 5D Mark II Flash Drive

canon-5d-markii-flash-driveThis cool USB flash drive comes in the shape of a Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera.

The lens holds the flash drive which is capable of storing 4GB of data. The camera acts as the cap for the flash drive making a miniature DSLR camera which looks really cool. It is only available on eBay at the moment and seems to be a very limited edition. The user on eBay who created it is called rayhuen and has made 1 other item in the past which was a 2GB Flash drive in the shape of a Canon EOS 450D. Maybe next time he will create some Nikon Flash Drives. [Read more…]

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Details

superspeed-usb-30EverythingUSB have created a FAQ on what Superspeed USB is (AKA, USB V3 or USB 3.0). The details cover why it is needed, what speeds can be accomplished, what type of connectors will be used as well as backwards compatibility. [Read more…]


ledfanThis USB fan has LED’s embedded in it’s blades. What these do is allow text to be displayed while the fan is switched on. [Read more…]

Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Flash Drive

han-solo-frozen-carbonite-usb-flash-driveThe Frozen Carbonite Scene from Starwars where Han Solo gets frozen for a time has now been recreated in to a USB flash drive. [Read more…]

Transfer Express USB Duplicator

transfer-express-usb-duplicatorTransfer Express is a USB flashdrive duplicator which can make copies of one flashdrive on to 15 flashdrives all at the same time. It works at USB 2.0 speeds which makes duplication quite a quick process. [Read more…]

USB Heated Shoes

usb-heating-shoesThe time of year is here where you need to wrap up warmer then usual. For those times when you just can’t get quite as warm as you’d like then check out these shoes. They are USB Heated Shoes that provide warmth to your feet. [Read more…]

USB Mini Microscope

usb-mini-microscopeIf you need to capture detailed images of small things, or need help with reading what’s written inside your computer on the motherboard then this little USB Mini Microscope may be of help. It has 40x magnification and to light up the subject, there are 4 built in LED’s. [Read more…]

Pocket Foldable Speaker

pocketfoldablespeakerThis Pocket Foldable Speaker is powered by two AAA batteries, or it can use the power from a USB cable (or even an external PSU source). As the name suggests, the speaker is foldable which allows it to be packed away neatly when travelling. [Read more…]

USB 3.0 to be Officially Announced

usb-3-0We mentioned USB V3 a while back and what it was capable of. After the first announcement that was made around 14 months ago, the official protocol specification will be announced next Monday. [Read more…]

USB 3 in 1 MultiFunctional Speaker

usb-speakerIf you are after a cheap USB speaker then head on over to GizFever. This speaker is a USB 3 in 1 MultiFunctional Speaker which acts as a loudspeaker, four port USB hub and an Alarm Clock. [Read more…]