USB Email Notifier

usb-email-notifierAnother USB gadget popped up recently. This time it’s the turn of the USB Email Notifier to impress us all. The USB Email Notifier looks like he familiar envelope that you see when an email arrives in Outlook. The device attaches to your PC via a USB cable which provides the power and signal needed to illuminate the envelope in blue, red or green whenever a message arrives. [Read more…]

USB Lock to Keep Files Safe

usb_lockIf you fear that encryption is not a good enough way to keep your files safe then a USB Lock could be just for you. [Read more…]

16 Port USB Hub

16_port_usb_hubMany of you will have a ton of USB devices that you need to connect up to your PC. This could include a printer(s), camera, PSP, phone, webcam, fridge, fan to name a few. [Read more…]

USB Wireless Mini Keyboard and Mouse

usb_keyboard_mouseThe USB Wireless keyboard and mouse are mini sized which allows them to be easily carried around when needed. The keyboard has 87 keys and is very slim in size. [Read more…]

Snowflake USB Drive

snowflake-usbNext in line for USB gadgets is the USB Snowflake Flashdrive. The snowflake was designed based on the “beauty of nature”. Built from laser sintered nylon it measures 60 x 20 x 10 mm and can store 4GB of data on it. [Read more…]


ufo-hubThis USB hub was inspired by a UFO. It is USB 2.0 compliant and has 4 ports allowing you to connect up to 4 USB devices up together. [Read more…]

USB Flash Drive Peg

usb_pegAgain, we bring you another USB flash drive which has been shoved in to another product. This time a wooden clothes peg has been used to cram a small USB flash drive in to it. [Read more…]

7 Port USB Hub

rotary-hubThe USB rotary hub is fairly unique as it has 7 flexible hi-speed ports which are capable of rotating 90 degrees. [Read more…]

USB Duplicator Copies 60 Times at Once

usb-duplicatorUSB drive duplicators seem to be popping up a bit more often these last few months. The last one we wrote about was capable of doing 20 simultaneous copies from a single drive. This new one is capable of creating 60 duplicates. [Read more…]

USB Washing Machine and Alarm

USB-Washing-MachineA ton of weird and wonderful ideas have been created because of the good old USB ports found on every PC and laptop that have been made over the last 10 years. The latest crazy idea is a USB Washing Machine alarm clock. [Read more…]

Sawed-Off USB Flash Drive

The Sawed-Off USB flash drive is a great looking custom built and hacked together device. It was built over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and uses a 1 GB Kingmax USB drive along with a bit of silicone and an old USB cable. [Read more…]

USB Memory Bomb

usb_memory_bombThe USB Memory Bomb isn’t the most convenient of shapes and might not fit too well in your wallet or pocket, but it certain to get a few people looking at it on your desk.

The Memory Bomb is designed by Joel Escalona from Mexico City and looks quite menacing in a cartoon type of way. Currently it is just a prototype and will probably feature a way to put your flash drive inside it or have the possibility to squeeze a hard drive in there.

If the price is right I can see my desk having one of these placed on it.

Via: Technabob