USB 3.0 WebCam with 1080p60 Streaming Revealed

USB-3-0-1080p-WebCamUSB 3.0 was announced a while back and what we have here is a new webcam designed to be USB 3.0 compliant. It is built by Point Grey and the specs are quite impressive as it can actually capture full HD at 1080p at an impressive 60 frames per second.

Due to the wider bandwidth available on USB 3.0, it allows raw data to be pushed through allowing it to function at the higher resolution and frame rate.

Inside the camera there is a 3 megapixel Sony CMOS sensor that is capable of capturing the 1920×1080 pixels needed to make up the resolution. [Read more…]

32GB Sony MicroVault Click

Sony have unveiled the new Sony MicroVault Click that comes in several capacities which includes 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.

The 32GB capacity is the physical limit, but there is also a Virtual Expander built in that provides data compression via software built in to the MicroVault. According to Sony, this allows users the possibility of tripling capacity although I suspect that’s the maximum amount and of course, the real compression would vary depending on the file type stored on the MicroVault. [Read more…]

Varta Digital USB Battery Charger

varta-digital-rechargerThe Varta Digital battery charger is a device that acts as a normal battery charger in that you plug it in to the wall to charge AA and AAA batteries. However, it also has a 12V car adapter so that you can charge batteries on the go. To make even more useful the Varta also has a USB port that allows you to use your PC to charge the batteries.

Another interesting feature is that you can also top up your MP3 player via the Varta’s USB port. [Read more…]

USB Hub Alarm Clock

usb_alarm_clockI really don’t get the point of the USB Hub Alarm Clock. I just don’t remember a time when an alarm clock woke me up and I had the sudden urge to connect up 4 USB devices to it… but I guess the creators have done their research and found there is a need for such a device. With it being an alarm clock you would expect it’s for the side of your bed, but as it’s a hub does it sit with your PC on the desk? If so, doesn’t your computer tell the time anyway? Confusing!

The USB Hub Alarm clock does actually look really good despite the strange part about the USB connectors. It has the ability to show you the time in 25 different cities around the world. [Read more…]

Verbatim InSight Portable Harddrive

Verbatim-Insight-Portable-Hard-DriveVerbatim have added a great looking portable hard drive to their lineup that features an always-on display to show you the current storage status.

The small LCD screen shows capacity remaining as well as the name of the drive. The Verbatim InSight fits in the palm of your hand and comes with two storage capacities of either 320GB or 500GB. [Read more…]

Tasty Magnum Ice-cream USB Flash Drive

Magnum-USB-Flash-DriveFor just $18.50 you can get one of the most tastiest USB flash drives ever created. It is called the Magnum USB Flash Drive and is shaped like a Magnum Ice-cream bar.

The Magnum Flash Drive includes a matching box to store it in and a strap to hang it around your neck. It measures 2 7/8″ in length alone and the strap is 20″ long. [Read more…]

Mini Cooper 4GB Flash Drive

usb-mini-cooperGreen-House have created a new USB flash drive in the form of a 1959 mini cooper. Two different styles are available which feature rotating wheels and headlights that actually work when the flash drives are plugged in to a USB 2.0 port.

Inside each mini cooper there’s 4GB of storage space. [Read more…]

Cool and Creepy USB Flash Drive Finger

USB-Flash-Drive-FingerThis probably ranks as one of the most weird and odd USB flash drives I have ever seen. It’s designed to look like chopped off finger. The creator describes them as Cool and Creepy.

Each finger is freshly cut and removed from the local morgue (yeah, just a joke… hopefully) and is stuffed with 2GB of memory. The creator tried to make them as realistic as possibly by also including finger prints. [Read more…]

Steampunk USB Flash Drive

steampunk-USB-driveHere we have another steampunk USB flash drive that was created by a Russian modder from Modnews.

It was created by collecting a number of cogs, screws and a brass pipe. If you fancy making your own flash drive that looks similar then full instructions are available over at English Russia. [Read more…]

Spock Jr. USB Flash Drives

Spock-Jr-USB-Flash-DriveThese Spock Jr. USB Flash Drives are handmade, handstitched and have 2GB of storage capacity in a USB 2.0 format.

USB Spock allows you to store your data in his head for retrieval in seconds.

The flash drive is made of felt and is stuffed to pad it out a little. [Read more…]

Nintendo NES Controller Flash Drive

Nintendo-NES-USB-FlashDrive-ControllerThis NES original control pad has been carved up and now is a USB flash drive. All the buttons can still be pressed although it doesn’t function like it did in the past.

The NES USB Flash Drive controller comes supplied with a 3 foot USB 2.0 extension cable that allows you to put the controller on your desk rather that it being stuck to a USB port. [Read more…]

QwicKey USB Credit Card Swiper

qwickeyQwicKey is a USB device which is capable of scanning your credit card details. It’s designed for those who want to quickly enter their credit card details in to the computer. Custom software is provided which allows you to securely store credit card data along with PIN numbers and anything else is needed. Usernames and passwords can also be stored in the custom software.

The card reader sells for $49.95 and includes a 1 year subscription to an online version of the software which allows you to securely access your card details from any computer by logging in with a single username and password. [Read more…]