USB Squid 1GB Flash Drive

USB-SquidThis USB drive is another unique one from the one and only Etsy. It’s shaped like a squid, hence it’s called the USB Squid. It comes in different shapes and sizes as well as various colours.

The USB squid costs $40 with which you get a 1GB flash drive. Larger flash drives are available on request which will also alter the overall price. [Read more…]

32GB Pico Flash Drive from Super Talent

super-talent-pico-usb-32gbSuper Talent have managed to squeeze 32GB of NAND based Flash storage on to it’s tiny thumb-sized USB drive. The 6 new drives are named the Pico drives and have a transfer speed of up to 30MB/second.

Each of the new drives are waterproof and the 3 high end USB drives also feature AES 256bit security to protect the data you store on them. [Read more…]

Split Stick Double Headed Flash Drive

split-stickIf you need a quick and easy way to completely separate business and personal data then this handy USB Split Stick flash drive could be the answer.

The Split Stick has 2 USB connectors built in. Each connector is placed on each end of the flash drive and depending what you need to access you just insert the correct side of the drive in to the USB port on your computer. [Read more…]

USB Rechargeable RC Helicopter

USB-HelicopterThe ace little RC helicopter can be charged by the USB port on your PC or Laptop. It is made of a light weight metal and has a gyroscope system inside that helps with stability when flying.

It’s a perfect office gadget and one well worth buying should you get some spare time to fly it around the office when you have nothing better to do. [Read more…]

Command Flash Enter Key USB Drive

Command-Flash-Enter-KeyThe Command Flash Enter Key is a USB flash drive that has a 2GB capacity. As the name suggests, the 2GB of storage and USB connector are embedded in to a re-used Enter key from a keyboard.

The Command Flash Enter Key can also be customised to give you more storage if needed. The creator over on Etsy just asks you to contact him prior to ordering to sort out pricing. [Read more…]

R2-Q5 for those who Want something Different

Star-Wars-R2-Q5-USB-HubR2-D2 is always one of the droids you think of when you see Star Wars. The R2-Q5 USB Hub was designed for those who want something different though.

R2-Q5 was a droid that only appears in Return of the Jedi along with a couple of Lego Star Wars games. The only real difference with this droid is that it’s painted black with red accents and simply just looks different to the usual R2 hub that you see occasionally on someone’s desk. [Read more…]

128GB Kingston DataTraveller 200 Thumb Drive

128gbusbKingston have made the worlds first real 128GB thumbdrive. It is named the DataTraveller 200 and actually shows up on Kingstons own site.

The 128GB drive is not available off the shelf though and is built to order as it has a fairly big price tag of $546. Smaller options are available that have a 64GB and 32GB capacity which seems a little more realistic. The 64GB model will cost $213 while the 32GB version will cost $120. [Read more…]

TapeWriter Copies your Cassettes to your PC

USB Gadgets come in all shapes and sizes with the latest being the TapeWriter which allows you to copy your entire cassette collection and convert all songs to MP3 format. [Read more…]

Flower USB Hub

flower-usb-hubUSB hubs come in all shapes and sizes and this flower USB hub is no exception. As the name suggests it is designed to look flowerish by looking (in some kind of way) like four small roses.

The Flower USB hub costs $10 and allows you to connect up to 4 devices to it. It is USB 2.0 compliant and also is backwards compliant to USB 1.1. [Read more…]

Tigatron USB Flash Drive

With the ramp up of the latest Transformers movie we are now seeing more and more transforming gadgets. The latest is Tigatron which is similar to the other 2 transformer gadgets we wrote about recently in that it transforms from a USB flash drive in to a small robot. Tigatron has 2 GB of storage capacity and works on both Windows and Mac OS computers. [Read more…]

Transformer USB Flash Drive

transformers-usb-driveWith the launch of the new Transformers movie coming soon it’s time we started seeing a few more gadgets themed as such. Along comes the Transformer USB Flash Drive. The flash drive is capable of transforming in to Ravage who was a pet robot of Soundwave.

Soundwave was a robot that transformed in to a cassette player and the cassettes inside also transformed in to various creatures, Ravage being one of them. The problem these days with this thinking is that nobody uses cassettes any more which makes using a USB flash drive the perfect alternative. [Read more…]

Star Trek USB Voip Handset

Here we have some cool retro style Star Trek communicators that actually work as USB VOIP phones. They are named the Star Trek USB Communicators and come with built-in earphones, microphones, speakers with 21 sound effects (we assume trekky type effects) and have 6 foot long USB cables to allow you to attach them to your computer. [Read more…]