USB Desktop Dunk

Desktop Dunk is another perfect game for the boring office worker. The game comes with 4 mini basket balls, a scoreboard and even sound effects. It connects up to your PC or mac via USB and has 2 game variations to play. The first type is the practice game to get you in to shape and the second is competition so you can play with a few office workers who are also bored.

All these USB games, toys, ovens and fans make you wonder if the original designer of the protocol ever thought it would become this popular. I am sure he intended it for a quick way to attach just a standard mouse to your PC. I say keep bringing on these cool games!

The USB Desktop Dunk costs $25 from Firebox.

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USB Retro Fan

USB_Retro_FanThis USB retro fan helps you to keep cool during the summer months. It connects up to either a USB 1 or USB 2 port and hopefully will have enough power to keep you feeling just right. To switch the fan on, plug it in to your USB port and flick the switch on the front. The fan stands 21 CM tall and is 75 CM wide.

The fan costs just £7.99 from DrinkStuff.

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Cerevellum – Amazing Gadget for your Bike

The good old pedal bike is one of the greenest ways of travelling around. However, some like their cars due to the cool gadgets, sat nav, radio’s and sometimes TV’s. If you cannot give all the luxuries up then you might be able to now with the Cerevellum. The Cerevellum is an information device which attaches to the handlebars of your bike. It can be described as a mini computer which can have 4 modules attached via USB. These modules vary and each is interchangeable as the need changes. For example the Hindsight is a small camera that you mount on the back of your bike. The image is then displayed on-screen allowing you to quickly see what is behind. Another module is the power meter which can track speed, time, distance and keep track of other various statistics of your journey. For those who want a nice workout you could then choose the heart-rate module. This one measures how your heart is doing as you ride along. Of course there is always the GPS module which can be attached to provide directions when you are in unfamiliar territory.



Overall it’s quite a cool bike device which with it’s modular system could easily be expanded. All they need to create now is the air-con mod, the radio mod and the V12 mod.

Product Page Via: ecogadget

Visuals USB Gauge

Over clocking PC’s is serious business. Parts can be expensive and you need to make sure you do not over heat the thing, or have a lack of power. Getting the most out of your power supply is also needed. The Visuals USB gauge provides real time readouts on what is happening right now inside your PC. The gauge supplies information on wattage consumption, temperature and fan speed of the PSU. As the name suggests, it connects to a USB port on your PC. To switch between various modes you just hit a small button on the face of the device.

Via: OhGizmo and Technabob

Perhaps the Coolest USB Toy Ever

This USB gadget has to be the best out there for now. It is a mini upright vacuum cleaner. The USB connector is on the end of a 45 inch cord which allows you to do plenty of house cleaning around your house. It costs just $20 and comes in a brown/beige colour.

What a cool way to clean your dusty desk.

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iPod USB Turntable

The iPod USB Turntable is an MP3 converting device with an iPod dock attached. It allows you to play records at 33 1/3 rpm or 45 rpm and record the music direct to the docked iPod. The dock is compatible with 5th Gen iPods or 2nd Gen Nano’s. The turntable it’s self is a belt driven device with anti-skating control. Also an output is provided allowing you to play your old vinyl records to a stereo system. USB support is also provided allowing you to create MP3’s from your vinyl rather then recording them right on to the iPod.

The iPod USB turntable costs $260.

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USB Finger Optical 3D Mouse

USB Finger Optical 3D Mouse
The USB Finger Optical 3D mouse is designed for the PC, notebooks or laptops. It is compatible with MS Windows 98/2000/me/XP/Mac OS 9 and above. It features a scroll wheel, left and right buttons and can be easily used on most surfaces. The only annoying thing will be having to type with it attached to your finger while it wobbles around. Still, for those who use the mouse more it could be handy for reducing RSI.

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USB Powered Paper Shredder

With identity theft all around us we must take care when chucking away our documents. The USB powered paper shredder is ideal to get rid of your documents securely. The shredder is portable and will fit in a laptop bag and can be carried around. There are 2 ways to power the device. The first is by USB (which is where it gets the name from), or you can use AA batteries should you not have a USB source anywhere near you.

Check out Dragon Steel Mods for a full review.

Gold Hard drive to Impress Business Colleagues

My first impressions of the image above was that it was a gold shiney matress. I was wrong 🙂 You are actually looking at a 500GB external gold hard drive from LaCie. It uses USB 2.0 to connect which allows for fast file transfer. Other then that it is fairly standard but just jazzed up a little. I can imagine the looks you get as you whip out a gold hard drive from your laptop case in a business meeting. The gold hard drive will cost $189 and be available towards the end of this month.

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Elecom fits a ton of Cards inside

Elecom MR-C12
The Elecom MR-C12 is a memory card case to put it basically. It also features a USB connection and card reader for most of the popular memory card formats. It is ideal for those who want to safely carry their memory cards around with out the fear of loosing them.

Via: TechTreak

Penguin Shaped Mice

Penguin Mouse
These cool mice are shaped like Penguins. Linux is not required to use these though. The penguin shaped mice are USB and optical. Three colours are available which are pink, blue and black. They are available from USBGeek and will set you back just $15 which isnt too bad if you prefer a more novelty mouse.

Product Page Via: babble

Transformers USB Flash Drives

Transformers are still alive and kicking. This time they come in the shape of USB flash drives which work on USB 2.0 technology. Two capacities are available which are the 1GB model being the Autobot and the 2GB being the Decepticon. They are quite unique and do look quite cool. With them being USB 2.0 you can expect the usual high speed transfer speeds between the drive and PC. If only they could actually transform though 🙂

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