Transfer Express USB Duplicator

transfer-express-usb-duplicatorTransfer Express is a USB flashdrive duplicator which can make copies of one flashdrive on to 15 flashdrives all at the same time. It works at USB 2.0 speeds which makes duplication quite a quick process.

The Transfer Express USB Duplicator is aimed at those who distribute content on flash type media. Rather then spending time copying just one at a time, it streamlines the whole process. With each port being a USB 2.0 standard the system does not restrict you to just USB flash drives. If you have the right equipment you can also duplicate SD/CF cards, USB 2.0 Hard Drives, MP3 players as well as anything else that’s compatible with USB.

The process to duplicate is fairly simple. You just plug in all the drives and then next to the control panel the master USB port can be found. You then just touch a button and away it goes.

The Transfer Express USB Duplicator is available at Hamilton Electronics and costs just shy of $900.


  1. Cool Gadgets says

    can it copy to any USB flashdisk or it is exclusive with hamilton? i am curious.

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