USB Flashdrive gets built in OLED Display

ennova-usb-flashdrive-oledA new flashdrive has just been introduced that features an OLED display built in.

The OLED Flashdrive is built by Ennova Direct Corporation (DBA ION Technologies). The OLED screen also has a biometric fingerprint scanner built in. When you swipe your finger across the sensor the screen will change colour depending on if you were successful or not. The interface on the flashdrive is interactive allowing you to select files and functions from the drive it’s self.

The OLED drive also features a retractable USB connector.

“With USB flash drive memory capacities now reaching 64GB and higher, user’s are now utilizing their USB flash drives as full external backup drives, making it even more important for users to secure the large amounts of personal data they are storing on their USB flash drives,” according to Peter Garrett, Executive VP of Ennova Direct. “To that end, we incorporated a biometric fingerprint scanner function into the design of our new Patented Retractable USB flash drive, while keeping with the popular theme of our signature retractable USB connector. We paid special attention to the design of the retractable USB connector, adding an integrated cover that when closed protects the USB connector and OLED screen-biometric fingerprint scanner at the same time.”

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