JooJoo Tablet Converted to run Windows 7

The JooJoo tablet launched a few months back. The launch didn’t appear to go down too well due to delays and a buggy UI it was running. One user has decided to customise his JooJoo and install Windows 7 on to the tablet.

No modifications were made to the hardware and it runs the standard 4GB SSD along with 1GB of RAM. The guy who managed to port Windows 7 on to the JooJoo reports that all is working fine other than the accelerometer at the moment. To get the screen to rotate you just need to click on a few menu options instead.

The tablet running Windows 7 actually works quite well too with 720p movie playback being possible. [Read more…]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Now Called Galaxy Tape – Runs Android 2.2

More details of the Samsung Galaxy Tape have been revealed. The Galaxy Tape was formally called the Galaxy Tab and has a 7 inch screen. We now hear that the Galaxy Tape will run Google Android 2.2 and have an A8 processor that runs at 1.2GHz which should make the device rather snappy.

The battery in the Galaxy Tape has a 4000mAH capacity although run times have not been provided just yet. We think the 10 hour bar should be reached and made a standard by any tablet though.

The Samsung Galaxy Tape weighs 370 grams. Technical specs show that the Tape has 16GB of on board storage that can be increased by a further 32GB by using the microSD slot. [Read more…]

Malata 10 Inch Android Tablet with Capacitive Screen

The Malata Android tablet has had a brief demonstration over at Computex. The device runs an NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core ARM Cortex A9 running at 1GHz. The video demonstration (embedded below) shows that the Malata tablet runs quite fast. Transitions between programs and menus is smooth and the capacitive touchscreen appears to work well.

The screen it’s self measures 10.1 inches and is in a 16:9 aspect ratio showing 1024 x 600 pixels. For storage the Malata Android OS tablet has 512MB to 1GB SLC and 2GB to 32GB iNAND. There appears to be at least two options when it comes to RAM and storage on the device, if not more.

Inputs on the Android tablet include a mini USB, mini HDMI, headphones and a microSD card slot. For connectivity it has WiFi b/g built in and Bluetooth is an option. Unfortunately there is no mention of 3G on the device. [Read more…]

Notion Ink Adam Could Land Quarter 3

We’ve seen a number of tablets get announced and often delayed. Most of them don’t look that good, but one that falls in to this “delayed” category is the Notion Ink Adam. The difference with the Adam is that it looks fantastic and is one we are waiting for.

However, recent rumours indicated that we might not actually see the Notion Ink Adam till almost the end of this year in November. Reasons cited for the delays this time around revolve around the investors who want the Notion Ink Adam to hit the market near Thanksgiving rather than earlier. The quote spotted on a few websites was actually quoted with a bit missing. SlashGear managed to get some details from the guys at Notion Ink to see what they had to say about it. [Read more…]

Dell Streak Rooted

The Dell Streak launched last week on the O2 network in the UK. We now hear that someone has successfully managed to root the device.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Dell Streak, the device is an Android tablet device with a 5 inch multitouch screen. It has the ability to make calls, but is primarily designed to surf the web and send/receive email as well as handle multimedia such as video quite well. With it having a smaller form factor than the larger tablets such as the iPad, it easily fits in your pocket allowing it to be carried around.

Rooting the Dell Streak allows a number of things to be done with the tablet which normally cannot be done on a restricted device. [Read more…]

Samsung Galaxy Tab to be Joined by Two Other Tablets

The Samsung Galaxy Tab was unveiled a few days ago. When previewed, it had a 7 inch screen putting it in-between the Dell Streak and Apple iPad in terms of screen size.

We now hear that Samsung will launch two other tablet devices also which will include an 8 and 10 inch version.

It is expected that Samsung will be pricing the new tablet computers aggressively to get them in the market to tackle the popular iPad from Apple [AAPL].

The Samsung Tablets will first be launched in their home network market on SK Telecom. If popular then I am sure an international launch will follow perhaps early next year. [Read more…]

Dell Streak HDMI Dock Spotted

Yesterday, Dell launched the Dell Streak 5 inch tablet device on the O2 network in the UK.

The Dell Streak is an interesting device that has a 5 inch screen making it handy for browsing websites, viewing video while also being able to keep it in your pocket. It’s smaller than an iPad which although has a fantastic screen, it is more awkward to carry around.

Although a 5 inch screen is larger than a regular mobile phone, sometimes it might be just a bit too small which is why Dell has created the Dell Streak HDMI dock. [Read more…]

ASUS EPad Announced

ASUS is following the usual trend and bringing out different versions of the ASUS Eee Pad. This time the product is called the ASUS EPad that’s essentially a cut down version of the Eee Pad. Remember here that the ePad is a tablet device and that the ASUS Eee Tablet is actually an eBook reader with a clever screen if that makes sense.

Back to the ASUS EPad, the device was spotted over at Computex along side the two other Eee Pad models we mentioned earlier this week. This particular model is a 10 inch version that will run Windows 7. It was spotted at the Intel Booth indicating it has an Intel CPU inside.

It isn’t clear at the moment if the EPad will be a real working device, or if ASUS managed to get a prototype working just enough to show off in the Intel booth. We also do not know what Intel CPU is inside this one. [Read more…]

Dell Streak on O2 Now Available in UK

Today is the launch date of a few good devices. Over in the US the HTC EVO 4G just became available and here today in the UK the Dell Streak is now being made available on the O2 network.

Price wise, the Dell Streak free on all tariffs from £25/month and above which is a good deal although for £25/month you get data only and not Voice calls bundled in. You could possibly get away with using a service such as Skype to make calls though. The phone it’s self has a 5 inch screen. The screen is multitouch and can display 800 x 480 pixels. It runs Google Android, has an all-day battery life. [Read more…]

ASUS Eee Tablet gets a Hands On

We already mentioned the ASUS Eee Tablet earlier this week, but today came across another hands-on that shows a bit more about the device and how it works etc… The ASUS Eee Tablet is really a jazzed up eBook reader perhaps on steroids and looks quite amazing from what we see.

The Eee Tablet has a 10 hour battery life and has an impressive 2450dpi touchscreen resolution that a pen can be used on. Other features include a 2 megapixel camera on the back along with a USB port, microSD slot and a fairly reasonable price tag of $199. [Read more…]

Kno Dual-Screen Tablet gets a Hands-On

The Tablet computer seems to be the way forwards this year with the launch of the JooJoo, iPad and mention of many other devices that will be landing in stores later this year.

Another one to mention is more unique than the others in that it has dual-screens. The Kno dual-screen tablet was on show at D8 and is, lets say, quite large. Each screen measures 14.1 inches and the displays used are IPS displays that have a resolution (each) of 1440 x 900 pixels. It weighs 5.5 pounds and has around six to eight hours of battery life.

Pen and touch support will be included with the final model and the stylus will be included when buying it. Powering the dual screen beast is a Tegra 2 chip. 16GB of storage can be found inside. [Read more…]

Dell Streak Headed to US Unlocked

Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) has released details of pricing and availability for the Dell Streak in the US. Right now it is preparing to launch on the O2 network in the UK, but soon after will see a launch in the US.

When launched in the US it will be made available for $500 and like the Apple iPad, it will be unlocked allowing it to work on other networks.

The tablet from Dell is about half the size (or quarter depending on how you count it) of the Apple iPad which puts it in a unique position to be easily carried around, yet have a fairly large 5 inch screen to allow users to work with it more easily than a smartphone. [Read more…]