Dell Streak Headed to US Unlocked

Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) has released details of pricing and availability for the Dell Streak in the US. Right now it is preparing to launch on the O2 network in the UK, but soon after will see a launch in the US.

When launched in the US it will be made available for $500 and like the Apple iPad, it will be unlocked allowing it to work on other networks.

The tablet from Dell is about half the size (or quarter depending on how you count it) of the Apple iPad which puts it in a unique position to be easily carried around, yet have a fairly large 5 inch screen to allow users to work with it more easily than a smartphone.

The Dell Streak’s 5 inch screen is capable of showing 800×480 pixels. The screen is also multitouch. It runs the 1GHz Snapdragon processor and the operating system is from Google [GOOG], ie Android.

Other features include GPS, WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth. The camera on the back can capture images at 5 megapixels and there is also a camera on the front of the device (probably around 1.3 megapixels but not confirmed). Overall it’s quite a nice device although price wise it does match the iPad pretty much, so you need to figure what works out best for yourself before buying.

As for price plans in the US, we believe it is heading to AT&T [T] so perhaps the carrier might impose the 2GB limit for $25/month on the device which according to AT&T will keep the majority of customers happy.

Via: AllThingsD

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