ASUS Eee Tablet gets a Hands On

We already mentioned the ASUS Eee Tablet earlier this week, but today came across another hands-on that shows a bit more about the device and how it works etc… The ASUS Eee Tablet is really a jazzed up eBook reader perhaps on steroids and looks quite amazing from what we see.

The Eee Tablet has a 10 hour battery life and has an impressive 2450dpi touchscreen resolution that a pen can be used on. Other features include a 2 megapixel camera on the back along with a USB port, microSD slot and a fairly reasonable price tag of $199.

The video shows how easy it is to write on the screen and shows how responsive it is. The device has an impressive screen for the task at hand. It looks like eInk in that it can be read more easily in sunlight, but isn’t the slow eInk that we normally see. The screen has a response time of 0.1 seconds making it very easy to write on when compared to actual eInk. The speedy screen does sacrifice battery life although it is still impressive enough at 10 hours which provides a full business day and more of usage.

Via: Hot Hardware

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