Dell Streak Rooted

The Dell Streak launched last week on the O2 network in the UK. We now hear that someone has successfully managed to root the device.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Dell Streak, the device is an Android tablet device with a 5 inch multitouch screen. It has the ability to make calls, but is primarily designed to surf the web and send/receive email as well as handle multimedia such as video quite well. With it having a smaller form factor than the larger tablets such as the iPad, it easily fits in your pocket allowing it to be carried around.

Rooting the Dell Streak allows a number of things to be done with the tablet which normally cannot be done on a restricted device.

The Dell Streak root was made possible due to a flaw exploited by a developer. The exploit allowed the developer to download the image, create a superuser image and re-upload it to the device.

Full instructions of how to root your Dell Streak can be found over at modaco where the developer responsible for the rooting provides a warning about being careful and doing it at your own risk etc…

For those wanting to update to Android 2.2 on the device, a ROM for that hasn’t been made available just yet although a user at the Modaco forums indicates that one might be created later this week.

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