JooJoo Tablet Converted to run Windows 7

The JooJoo tablet launched a few months back. The launch didn’t appear to go down too well due to delays and a buggy UI it was running. One user has decided to customise his JooJoo and install Windows 7 on to the tablet.

No modifications were made to the hardware and it runs the standard 4GB SSD along with 1GB of RAM. The guy who managed to port Windows 7 on to the JooJoo reports that all is working fine other than the accelerometer at the moment. To get the screen to rotate you just need to click on a few menu options instead.

The tablet running Windows 7 actually works quite well too with 720p movie playback being possible.

One other feature we hear doesn’t work is 3G. It also isn’t clear if 3G will be fixed or if the Windows 7 install was done just for fun. Another problem is the shorter battery life of 4 hours and also the heat that the JooJoo generates trying to keep Windows 7 running.

Although installing Windows 7 might not be the best user experience on the JooJoo, perhaps a cut down version of Windows can be installed such as Windows Embedded Compact 7 that was recently announced. Check out the video below to see Windows 7 running on the JooJoo in action.

Via: UberGizmo and JooJoo Forums

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