Notion Ink Adam Could Land Quarter 3

We’ve seen a number of tablets get announced and often delayed. Most of them don’t look that good, but one that falls in to this “delayed” category is the Notion Ink Adam. The difference with the Adam is that it looks fantastic and is one we are waiting for.

However, recent rumours indicated that we might not actually see the Notion Ink Adam till almost the end of this year in November. Reasons cited for the delays this time around revolve around the investors who want the Notion Ink Adam to hit the market near Thanksgiving rather than earlier. The quote spotted on a few websites was actually quoted with a bit missing. SlashGear managed to get some details from the guys at Notion Ink to see what they had to say about it.

The November launch date is for a few countries rather than all countries although Notion Ink didn’t indicate what regions would launch in November and which ones wouldn’t. However, they did indicate that an update about a launch was coming soon. It does seem that a Q3 launch is still likely which SlashGear point out, gives Apple [AAPL] another quarter to get even further ahead in the game.

Hopefully we get information soon about the Notion Ink Adam as when things drag on so long, it’s easy to move on and find something else newer.


  1. 4r4nd0mninj4 says

    This is still on the top of my WANT! list.

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