HTC EVO 4G Now Available

Today is June 4 and that means the HTC EVO 4G is going on sale. For those who want to avoid possible queues at stores and don’t mind waiting a day or 2 (or more with it being the weekend almost), Sprint [S] has now got the EVO 4G available to order online.

The phone can be ordered from here where it is priced at $199.99 after a rebate and “instant savings”. A two year contract will need to be signed with various options available depending on how much you need to use the smartphone.

A quick recap of features show that this device is a 4G smartphone capable of downloading data 10 times quicker than a 3G phone. Of course this all depends if you are in the right areas where a 4G signal is available. If it isn’t, it switches you down to the next best option.

The phone has a large 4.3 inch screen. It is powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and has two cameras. The camera on the back can capture at 8 megapixels while the smaller camera on the front is used for video calls.

It’s an impressive device and well worth checking out.

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