ASUS Eee Tablet Official

ASUS has finally unveiled the ASUS Tablet. ASUS say in the press release that “the notepad goes digital with the Eee Tablet”.

The Eee Tablet is the worlds most accurate and sensitive digital note taking device according to the press release, and has a 2450 dpi touch resolution screen. This accuracy has been designed to give the user the feel of writing on paper. The screen is far quicker than other eReader type devices with a response of just 0.1 seconds making it more comfortable to take note on and view content.

On the back is a 2 megapixel camera and the device has a 10 hour battery life. The Eee Tablet is capable of playing back media content as well as it functioning as a notepad and e-reader.

Engadget has a quick hands on with the device showing how responsive the screen is and what ports are available for the device. On the whole it does look quite nice and it appears it might have a nice price tag too between $199 and $299 when launched later this year.

Regarding the 10 hour battery life. The device uses a screen that looks like e-Ink, but isn’t e-Ink. This makes is more power hungry, but more responsive and as easy on the eyes as eInk devices.

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