Dell Streak HDMI Dock Spotted

Yesterday, Dell launched the Dell Streak 5 inch tablet device on the O2 network in the UK.

The Dell Streak is an interesting device that has a 5 inch screen making it handy for browsing websites, viewing video while also being able to keep it in your pocket. It’s smaller than an iPad which although has a fantastic screen, it is more awkward to carry around.

Although a 5 inch screen is larger than a regular mobile phone, sometimes it might be just a bit too small which is why Dell has created the Dell Streak HDMI dock.

The dock has a HDMI output allowing you to sit the Streak in the dock and push content easily to your TV. Other handy features on the HDMI dock include a power input to charge the Streak while docked, and a USB connector allowing you to sync to your PC and transfer files to and from the Streak more easily.

Laptop Mag ask what type of content will be available to play. Will there be any on-demand content that can be sent to the TV, or downloadable HD movies that can be stored on the Streak and easily played on the TV.

More details are expected soon that will reveal all these details.

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