JooJoo Reviewed

Engadget managed to get hold of a JooJoo for review. They actually received it just before the Apple iPad launched, but due to various reasons they chose not to give a full review of the JooJoo till after Saturday. Well, the review is now live showing in depth what the JooJoo can do.

My own impressions of the device are that it does look good. It has a large screen with capacitive touch and looks sleek, however, after seeing Engadget with a hands on JooJoo review, I’m having second thoughts now and will be keeping away from the tablet for the time being.

Main problems that I spotted in the video are that it just doesn’t seem finished. The UI is laggy, video is laggy and often inputs are misinterpreted.

When rotating the JooJoo the browser flips around as can be expected on many devices these days, but for some reason the JooJoo doesn’t resize a website to suit the screen orientation making it too wide to browse in landscape and too thin to browse in portrait.

Fusion Garage have managed to make the JooJoo look the part and we do hope a firmware update arrives soon to address many of the nagging issues such as the browser issues and other things mentioned.

It’s not totally bad by any means, but seems to be in early stages. I recommend checking the full review out over at Engadget.


  1. The Joo Joo seems like a great device with a lot of features, but like the HP Slate it doesn’t have a long enough battery life.

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