Dell Streak Tablet Prices Revealed for UK

Carphone Warehouse in the UK has announced that they are to be the exclusive independent retailer of the Dell Streak Tablet that is launching on Friday June 4.

The Dell Streak is available on the O2 network when it launches although Carphone Warehouse are offering their own tariffs which will see the Streak Tablet being free if you sign up for a £25/month mobile broadband contract, and also free if you sign up for a £35/month voice and data contract. You can also pick up the device for £429 standalone.

It isn’t clear if these tariffs are cheaper, more expensive or the same as what O2 will offer, so before ordering make sure you check out the prices direct from O2. When O2 release those prices we’ll update you.

The Dell Streak is a 5 inch tablet that runs the Google Android OS. It uses the 1GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm and with it’s larger screen size, allows for a more comfortable browsing and email experience.

Although the Streak won’t allow Flash 10.1 to function out of the box, Dell has commented that future OTA (over the air) updates will make this possible. Of course there is also a browser that already has flash built in that will function now.

The Dell Streak is a decent option for those wanting a larger device than a smartphone, but not the large size of an iPad for example.

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