An Inflatable Sofa

It’s not often that I write about furniture as Gadget Venue is a gadget blog (as you probably have noticed). However, when I saw that this sofa was inflatable I just had to mention it. [Read more…]

Electronic Kids Piano

electronic-kids-pianoIf you want your children to start playing the piano early then you could check out this electronic kids piano. The kids piano is shaped like a grand piano, although obviously a lot smaller, and comes with a piano stool to sit on too. [Read more…]

New Range of LG LCD TVs Launched

slimline-scarletLast night I attended an event for LG where three new LCD TV’s were on show. The three TV’s included the LG4000 series, LG6100 series and LG7000 series. The showcase TV of the night was the slimline Scarlet (LG6100) as it claims to be the thinnest LCD TV in the world. I have to admit that all three of the TV’s on show had something great about them. [Read more…]

PowerPlus Pirana – Wind Up Shaver

wind-up-shaverThe PowerPlus Piranha is a wind up shaver which means there is no risk of the batteries going dead. Actually, there is still a risk, but not a problem as it can be charged by hand crank. [Read more…]

Pill Shaped Clock

pill-shaped-radio-clockThe Pill shaped alarm clock was designed by Pascal Barde who works at the Sequoia Studio design company. The gadget is currently a concept idea and is designed to look like a pill, although looking at the video below it does seem larger then an actual pill [Read more…]

Scary Alien Tables

alien-tablesImagine inviting a bunch of friends around one night for a meal, and then inviting them to sit around the Alien Table. How cool/weird or scary would that be? These scary looking tables are designed around the popular Alien(s) movies and are something that Ripley would be proud of. [Read more…]

WiFi Photo Frame with Facebook Support

frame-faceeStarling have made an 8 inch photo frame which has Facebook support. What that means is that you provide it with your facebook username and password and then when friends upload their pictures, they are automatically downloaded to the frame for you to see. [Read more…]

Mooi Clusterlamp – Tons of Variety

mooi-clusterlampHouses have tons of variation. The older type even more so. This new lamp from Mooi is named the Clusterlamp and it allows you to keep all the variety in one place. It accommodates for people who either cannot make their mind up about which light they want, or it caters for when there are more then 1 in the home and both cannot come to an agreement about which light to use. [Read more…]

Samsung 82 inch LCD TV

samsung_82_inch_lcdThis Samsung LCD TV measures 82″ from corner to corner which puts it in the category or “too big for most homes”. The TV has some impressive specs along with it’s huge size. [Read more…]

Keyboard Ring in Sterling Silver

keyboard_ring I don’t know too much about jewellery type stuff, so I will keep it short. This ring is made of sterling silver and sports a number 8 key on top. It costs ‚¬165 from Manuel Bozzi. We can assume that the number 8 will be just any old random key stuck on the top. [Read more…]

SOLo Lounge Table

The SOLo Table was created by Intelligent Forms Design, and has a number of handy features that gadget users would be able to use daily. The SOLo is like a coffee table which has the ability to charge your gadgets. It is powered by sunlight and has connections for most types of laptops, cameras and other electronic devices. [Read more…]

USB Mirror Card Reader

The USB Mirror card reader is another crazy type gadget which mixes together a beauty type mirror with a card reader. It’s not the first thing that would come to your mind if asked to mix two items in to one. [Read more…]