Mooi Clusterlamp – Tons of Variety

mooi-clusterlampHouses have tons of variation. The older type even more so. This new lamp from Mooi is named the Clusterlamp and it allows you to keep all the variety in one place. It accommodates for people who either cannot make their mind up about which light they want, or it caters for when there are more then 1 in the home and both cannot come to an agreement about which light to use.

Clusterlamp is a big mixture of five different lights. Three of the lamps have 60 watt bulbs while the other two are 40 watts. The lamps vary in shapes and sizes from your average 60 watt regular bulb all the way to a more tiny spot light type of bulb.

It has to be the most random and weird gadget I have ever come across 🙂

Product Page Via: GearCrave

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