Electronic Luggage Scales

luggage-scalesCheap flights have been around quite a while now… but one problem that can sting you with these cheap flights is going slightly over on your luggage allowance. This set of Electronic Luggage Scales helps you to tackle that problem and still travel cheaply with out being stung. [Read more…]

Hanging Alarm Clock

hanging-alarm-clockThe majority of alarm clocks just beep away and allow you to hit snooze and still sleep in. Over the last few years alarm clock makers have been getting more creative by creating loud explosions or by having the alarm clock run away. The Hanging Alarm Clock follows this pattern by running away from you “up towards the ceiling”. [Read more…]

Multi-Function Tape Measure

multi-function-tape-measureWhen I have the task of measuring something in the home I 99% of the time forget the dimensions. With this handy multi-function tape measure it makes sure that you never need to forget due to it’s built in notepad and pen. [Read more…]

Mini Handheld Sewing Machine

mini-handheld-sewing-machineIf you have ever been in need of an urgent sewing job then pick up one of these mini handheld sewing machines. [Read more…]

Combo Pocket Toothbrush

pocket-tooth-brush-comboIf you are a regular tooth brusher… which I hope you are… then you need to pick up one of these. It’s a pocket sized toothbrush which squashes in to a pen and allows you to squeeze the toothpaste in there too. [Read more…]

Ooma Telo – Free US Calls to Ooma Users

oomateloOoma have launched their Telo dedicated phone which comes provided with an Ooma router. What it does is allow you to make unlimited local and long distance calls over the internet. [Read more…]

HDMI Matrix Router

hdmi-matrix-switch-4x2This HDMI router allows you to display any of four input HD sources on to two HD displays. Not only can you switch between HD sources and send to either of the screens, you can also do a picture in picture setup with two signals on to one screen. [Read more…]

Solar Powered LED Reading Light

solar-led-lightIf you need a small reading light then Gizfever have a solar powered one available on their site. It has 3 LED’s built in with 1 shining red, green or blue and two other LED’s that are bright white. [Read more…]

TrueCall Automated Secretary

truecallTrueCall is a device which sits between your phone line and phone. It acts as a virtual secretary to protect you from calls that you do not wish to receive. It works by you telling it what numbers are good and when it answers the phone it immediately allows those calls through. However, if you are unknown to the system then the robot will take over the call. [Read more…]

Endo Magnet Clip

endo-magnet-clipThe Endo Magnet Clip is designed to help keep things in place. As the name suggests, it is magnetic and can pin things to a wall by it’s springy clipping action. [Read more…]

The Energy Detective – TED

the-energy-detectiveWith energy prices going up all the time and there being more threats of them going up even more next year, a lot of us have come to the realisation that we need to be more concious of the energy we are consuming. TED (The Energy Detective) is a device which helps you to monitor how much electricity you are using through out the day and where you can cut costs. TED claims to cut your electricity costs between 10% and 20% which I can see as very achievable considering what we leave switched on at home. [Read more…]

Baby Seat with Side Airbags

Baby seats are designed to make the baby very safe if unfortunate circumstances happen such as a crash. Britax have taken these safety seats one step further by adding a couple of side impact airbags making your baby even safer. [Read more…]