An Inflatable Sofa

It’s not often that I write about furniture as Gadget Venue is a gadget blog (as you probably have noticed). However, when I saw that this sofa was inflatable I just had to mention it.

The Chesterfield style sofas are not designed for your home and instead, are to be used for seating in the garden. With it being inflatable it means you can quickly pack it up and take it anywhere with you. The only thing you really need is a bit of power to pump the thing up. Both Inflation and deflation take around 5 minutes each.

Although it is designed for the garden you can also use it for the home too. At £350 I think I will pass this one by although I have to admit that it is one cool sofa.

Via: GearCrave


  1. You’re right there…even though it’s a cool idea I think the hefty £350 price tag I think I’ll stick to my bean bags!

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