Sooloos – for Home Entertainment

Sooloos have created a new music system for the home which can be adapted to suit any situation. If you have a one room home then this is for you. If you have a mansion, then this is also for you. [Read more…]

3500 Watts from this Solar Charger

Power is the essential ingredient of many peoples lives. With out it, most of the daily essentials that we have become so used to, just stop working. [Read more…]

Jet Wall Clock from LEXON

Jet-Wall-ClockTheo Williams has designed a new wall clock named the Jet Wall Clock. The clock comes in either brushed anodized aluminium or has shiny gold finishes. The screen is dot matrix [Read more…]

La Crosse Alpha Power Battery Charger

la_crosse_alpha_chargerBattery chargers are nothing too exciting. You just plug them in, insert batteries and a few hours later the batteries are charged. There is nothing to jump up and down about there. [Read more…]

Jamo DMR with 5.1

The Jamo DMR 70-A is a sleek AV unit measuring just 55mm high. It is a 5.1 channel DVD receiver which can output 5 x 65W of power, is Dolby Digital, DTS 5.1 and has Dolby Pro-Logic II decoding. [Read more…]

Slot Car Wall Art


Back in the 80’s, slot cars were cool. Tracks could be build in oval’s, figure of 8’s or many other variations if you had the spare track and space to build it. The slot car wall art is a sculpture made by Pete Nidzgorski and aims to bring back those good old days before online death matches even existed.

For more details on the Slot Car Wall Art sculpture check it out over here.

Via: GearCrave

Cheesy Door Wedge

cheese_door_wedge How about a nice triangle of Swiss cheese to use as a door wedge? This cheesy door wedge is just that, although it is just made of plastic rather then cheese. The wedge is flexible and can squeeze under any door to keep it open when needed. I have to admit that there isn’t anything gadgety about a cheesy door wedge, but I thought it looked cool so thought I would share 😉

The cheesy door wedge will set you back jut £3.95 in the UK over at IWOOT.

Via: Gadgets-Club

Prayer Gadget uses RFID Technology

prayersI can’t say I have ever in my life written about a prayer gadget before. However, this is now changing as I came across this prayer device which uses RFID technology. In some churches there is a tradition of lighting candles during a prayer. This device is named “for this we pray” and has RFID technology that lights up a wall mounted shrine which is modelled around a stained glass window effect. Several prayer cards can be chosen from and when you swipe one past the prayer gadget a light lights up. As more prayers are read out and swiped past, the more lights are then lit up.

Below is a video of the prayer device in use.

Product Page

Satellite Sputnik Lamp

Satellite LampThis lamp is one of the most unique ones I have ever seen. It is built in a retro style which reminds me of Sputnik although it has extra legs. The satellite is a chrome ball and has LED tipped spikes which emit red, green, blue or multi coloured lights. The base it stands on is 10″ Width x 18″ High.

The light is not designed to replace your main lights of the room, but is ideal as a table lamp or as an ambient light in your room.

You can find the Satellite lamp over at Amazon and it currently costs $47.25.

Solar Powered Razor

For those of you who must keep your face clean shaved each and every day, but seem to find it grows back too quick then this solar powered razor comes to the rescue. It is powered by sunlight and is a very slim razor that will fit in to any travel bag allowing you to quickly shave regardless of the power situation around you. There are no details on if this shaver needs charging by the sun before use, or if you just need to be in sunlight while shaving.

It measures 10 x 5.5 x 1.5 cm and costs £35 in the UK. It comes with a brush to clean the heads also.

Product Page Via: OhGizmo

Blackboard Wall Clock

Look back a few years to your school days and you will remember the good old blackboard (or chalkboard as it should be called these days). This new wall clock is built with a blackboard face which you can chalk on to. There is a small holder along the bottom of the clock which will hold the chalk, but you will need to get your own eraser for it.

The blackboard wall clock costs $80 and is available from Eco-Artware.

Via: Likecool

LightWedge Mini Reader

The LightWedge is great for reading maps or books in the dark. A lens is built in which magnifies the text by 1.5 times. The device is portable and easy to carry around. The light source is LED which would normally not need replacing unless damaged. The device is battery powered using 2 CR2 batteries which give around 20 hours of light.

Product Page ($14.99) Via: 7Gadgets