WiFi Photo Frame with Facebook Support

frame-faceeStarling have made an 8 inch photo frame which has Facebook support. What that means is that you provide it with your facebook username and password and then when friends upload their pictures, they are automatically downloaded to the frame for you to see.

The idea is brilliant and perfect for those wanting variety in their picture frames. On the technical side there is a built in Wi-Fi connection which supports WEP or WPA for the encryption and also there is a fairly standard screen for configuring the frame in DHCP or with a fixed IP address.

Not only does this picture frame scan for new pictures added by friends on facebook, it also allows you or friends to email it with pictures while you are on the move. Due to the amounts of spam around there are protections put in place which will prevent the frame from getting email from unauthorized email addresses which should stop bad emails landing on the screen.

Photo Frame Specifications

* eStarling 8³ Widescreen features widescreen aspect ratio (800—600 resolution)
* Innoloux panel used to ensure highest level of clarity
* Black Piano Finish
* Memory Size: On-board FLASH memory 128M
* Wi-Fi 802.11b/g with Support for WEP encryption
* MMC/SD/MS/CF 4in1 card slot
* Views JPEG files
* External 120V/240V AC Adapter

The Wi-Fi picture frame from eStarling costs £230 in the UK.

Via: GeekAlerts


  1. I definitely like the feature which offers Facebook support and as my best friends is getting married soon I think this will be perfect gift to get her to enjoy her memories and keep her updated on her friend’s pics as well.

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