Hi Tech Furniture

athena-multimedia-sofa-integrated-computerFurniture isn’t something that we would normally write about here at Gadget Venue. But, in this case we let this one pass because it has an integrated computer. [Read more…]

Remote Control Colour LED Bulb

remote_led_bulbThe old lights are fading out and making way for the newer LED style lights. Over the past few years you will have noticed LED’s get used more and more in car lights, traffic lights and around the home. These remote control LED bulbs are a cool step up and allow you to change the colour of the light emitted. [Read more…]

If Software still Shipped on 3.5″ Floppy…

sims3_35_floppyDo you remember the days when you installed Windows 3.1 from something like 5 floppy disks and a couple more that contained printer drivers… or when Doom could be squished on to a floppy disk. Well, if CD’s hadn’t been invented or any other larger storage then these days we could be looking at 100’s, if not 1000’s of floppy disks for the size of software we see these days. Designers at Antrepo Design Industry have created a bunch of art prints based on the floppy disk. [Read more…]

Shark Fin Ice Trays

shark-fin-ice-trayThese ice cube trays are fantastic because they are shaped just like sharks fins. [Read more…]

iShelf – Cover Flow Style Shelf

ishelfI can’t remember the last time I purchased a physical copy of some music on a CD… maybe back in 2003 or something… but, for those who still have CD collections and like to put them on show you could check out this cover flow style shelf named the iShelf. [Read more…]

Flexicord – Flexible Cables

flexicordFlexicord is a cool device that allows your regular every day type cables to be more neatly organised. [Read more…]

Retro Table Top Bank – Also Plays Space Invaders

space-invaders-piggy-bankThis cool piggy bank is built in to a classic tabletop Space Invaders game. Due to the 30 year anniversary of space invaders happening recently, it seems like many of these types of gadgets are becoming available. [Read more…]

Donkey Kong Quilt

donkey-kong-quiltEtsy is always a cool source of geek type stuff. The latest that I came across is this Donkey Kong Quilt that represents one of the in-game levels from the classic game. [Read more…]

LED Lighting saves 80% Power for Home

led_home_lightingA family based in Japan have placed an order that will see their home powered by LED lighting only. The saving….. 80% cheaper on power consumption. [Read more…]

Insteon Automatic Door Lock

insteon-door-lockIf you want to go for an automated home then this Insteon Automatic Door lock will help you in your endeavour. [Read more…]

Ski Simulator for the Home – The SKYGYM

skisimulatorThe SKYGYM is an amazing looking ski simulator that goes a few steps beyond what the Wii-Fit could do. [Read more…]

GearGripper – Storage Made Easy

geargripperGearGripper is a handy device that allows you to keep a number of small gadgets safe and organised. [Read more…]