New Range of LG LCD TVs Launched

slimline-scarletLast night I attended an event for LG where three new LCD TV’s were on show. The three TV’s included the LG4000 series, LG6100 series and LG7000 series. The showcase TV of the night was the slimline Scarlet (LG6100) as it claims to be the thinnest LCD TV in the world. I have to admit that all three of the TV’s on show had something great about them.

LG6100 Slimline Scarlet

slimline-scarlet-side-viewThe LG6100 Slimline Scarlet is currently the worlds thinnest LCD TV. It measures 1037.7 x 747 x 45 mm. You may question this claim as there are other screens which are thinner. LG pointed out that the LG6100 is the slimmest LCD with a built in TV tuner and stated that the others are just monitors. In that 45mm thickness you get the full works to simply hang on the wall. The TV tuner is digital and is basically a digital freeview built in saving you the need to by an external box.

The Slimline Scarlet is a full 1080p HD screen running a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The screen also runs at 100Hz which LG name as TruMotion. A nice feature of the Slimline Scarlet is LG’s Intelligent Sensor Technology which can detect ambient lighting in the room and adjust the contrast, brightness, sharpness and various other settings so that the screen is always at the perfect brightness in any situation. This makes viewing easier on the eyes but interestingly can cut power consumption by as much as 62%.


lg7000The LG7000 is the top of the range LG TV currently. The largest model available is 52″ (smallest is 32″) which runs in full HD mode at 1080p. One very unique feature of the LG7000 is the built in bluetooth technology which allows images to be sent over the air from a mobile phone or other bluetooth device. Not only can media be sent, but also bluetooth headphones can be used with this TV allowing you to watch TV while others in the room want a bit of silence. The beauty of bluetooth headphones is that there are no wires and bluetooth also offers a fairly decent range.

The LG7000 also runs at 100Hz and has 4 HDMI inputs as well as USB 2.0 for JPEG and MP3 playback. AV Mode is another feature allowing you to switch between the different types of content you will be viewing. Modes for cinema, sports and games allow the screen to be optimised for the speed, brightness. The three pre-set modes can be selected via the remote control.

LG4000 Series with built in DVD Player

lg4000_frontThe LG4000 is the lower end of the three TV’s which were on display, but still it is a very nice screen and well worth looking in to if you are after an “all-in-one” type product. The LG4000 features a built in DVD player which is located around the back of the device and accessible from the right side of the screen. Rather then having a bunch of boxes under the TV this screen eliminates this need by keeping things together. The LG4000 screen is the smallest of the screens on offer at either 26″ or 32″ which a few years ago was a fairly large size. If you are lacking space then this HD TV could be the choice for you. Note that it does not run at full 1080p although with a screen size of either 26″ or 32″ you probably would not notice the difference anyway.

Final Thoughts

The three LG screens on offer are very well thought out. LG have put a lot of time in to building some seriously nice looking screens which are finished in a gloss black with all having great picture quality. Everything from the look to the sound and on to the menu system is planned out very well and you will be impressed.

As a side note on the sound systems of each screen are tuned by Mark Levinson, an audio designer who is very qualified in the field of audio. LG’s unique invisible speaker system utilises the screens bezel to project the sound in many directions.

More details on each HDTV can be found below…
Slimline Scarlet

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