SOLo Lounge Table

The SOLo Table was created by Intelligent Forms Design, and has a number of handy features that gadget users would be able to use daily. The SOLo is like a coffee table which has the ability to charge your gadgets. It is powered by sunlight and has connections for most types of laptops, cameras and other electronic devices.

If the table is left outdoors for a year it will be capable of charging a laptop 168 times or a mobile phone up to 6800 times with the power it can accumulate from the suns rays. The table it’s self is weatherproof and is ideal for outdoor and indoor use.

Other features of the table include Bluetooth connectivity which allows devices to communicate with each other and the control centre on the table. A built in LCD screen on the table can show the status of charging and what is connected etc… The table measures 43 x 30 x 18 inches and is built of stainless steel and covered in tempered glass to keep the solar cells clean and safe inside.

No price for this table is available yet, but I can’t see it being too cheap.

Product Page Via: TechChee

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